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We sell foot-operated hand washing device which is more advanced than the usual veronica bucket. Our devices do not require one to use his/her hands to control the open and close of the valve. One only needs to use the foot to step on a pedal for water, and the cuts automatically when the foot is released. This makes our system safer than the veronica bucket.

All our products, including the hand washing devices, popcorn machines are locally made in Ghana.

Unlike most hand washing devices on the market now, ours is foot-operated, and the good part is that the system does not depend on any power source, whether electricity or solar.

We have special discounts for bulk purchases. We can always discuss your orders to know how best we can be of help to you.


Yes they do. The earlier versions did not have waste outlets, but after getting feedbacks from earlier users, we have now included a waste water discharger which you can either direct to a nearby gutter or place a container below to collect.

In order to serve you well, have a competitive advantage over our competitors, and also set higher standards for the market, all our devices are carefully engineered and tested with our consumers and our brand’s integrity in mind.



We are currently not doing free delivery. However, we run occasional promotions that may include free delivery.

They include University Of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC), Graceland Academy, Amasaman Hospital, Nsawam Government Hospital etc.

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