1. Target market: First of all, just like any other business, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the people you want to sell to. It could be school children, commuters, passengers, people at theater, fun at sports stadium etc. No matter what, you need to know those you want to sell to, and this would help you in the rest of the decision making process.

2. Availability of power source: For instance, if you want to sell to people along the roadside, you must consider the source of power. With roadside sales and most others, it is advisable to use the gas popcorn machine type since you would not need to connect power from places far away from your station.

3. Availability of ingredients: While materials like sugar, salt, margarine can easily be bought at provision shops nearby, the popcorn kernels might not be available easily. In this case, you need to consider buying it in bulk so that you would not have to waste money on transport every now and then.

4. Trend of occasions: You must be able to have some insight into the trend of events around the location so that you can prepare to meet them with your business. Events must not come to you as surprises; you need to be ready with enough materials in order to attract buyers.

5. Packaging: There are a lot of people who would buy anything at any cost provided that thing is well packaged. In your situation, make it your goal to package your popcorn nicely to attract people who would be even ready to buy at a higher price.

6. Check your surrounding: Good looking environment is key to attracting people to buy from you. Only a few people would buy food items from dirty environments. In order for you to stand out, make sure you have a clean environment so that people would want to patronize your delicious popcorn.

7. Make sure your popcorn machine is easy to clean: Not all popcorn machines are easy to clean, so when you are ready to purchase your machine, make sure it has features that make it easier to clean. Sani-wise Innovations is committed to providing machines that are easier to clean so you can get in touch. It’s all because of hygiene and health-consciousness.

8. Know your recipe well and improve as and when you can: There are many recipes for making popcorn and you have to be familiar with your recipe always. People would buy from you repeatedly if your recipe gives the taste and flavor they want. It should also be your aim to improve upon it as and when you discover new ones and allow your customers to give you their feedback when you make any changes.

9. Be known for something: As a business, people must know you for some uniqueness. It could be the way you serve your customers with smile; some fancy terms, speed service etc

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