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For anyone to decide and take the step to wash his/her hands, it is presumed that there are unwanted and ultimately dangerous substances on the hands. These substances may either be visible or invisible. Whatever state they may be in does not really matter. The mere fact that we want to wash them away means that they do not have a place on our hands.

How then do you get them to their rightful places? By washing your hands. By so doing, you are able to free your hands from their physical presence and the harm they pose to you. Did you know that most of the hand washing processes we undergo lead to us picking those things that we did not like being on our hands? This really calls for concern since people are infested on a daily basis even though they wash their hands regularly.

The Veronica Bucket (associated with Mrs. Veronica Bekoe) has really made an impact in keeping our hands clean for sometime, and with the coming of new challenges, new innovations have taken over the mantle.

Among some of these new innovations, are hand washing devices and processes which depend on power sources and complex systems that may not be always reliable and sometimes costly even if they were. In order to make hand washing more effective and fun for all, the cost-effective foot-operated hand washing device was developed in Ghana during the Ebola outbreak by Mr. Yaw Aduse Opoku with support from Isaac Asante Mireku and their team. This device does not require the use of the hands to control access to water and vise-versa. You just step on a pedal for your water
and you are good to go. There are attachments to hold soaps, hand sanitizers etc.
There are various types and sizes to suit all locations from hospitals to schools. It is highly recommended to all.
Standard auto-fill
The standard auto-fill is suitable for schools, hospitals, clinics etc. With this type, you do not need to fill the water container anytime it is empty. It can be connected to a water source (a bigger container or a pipe), and it fills by itself anytime the water goes down. Two people can use it at the same time.
Standard manual-fill
The standard manual-fill needs occasional filling of the water container, and at places where hand washing is not frequent or where there are no pipelines and bigger containers to connect to, this type is recommended. The water capacity varies. This is also suitable for almost all places. It
has all the features of the auto-fill except its inability to automatically fill.
Our hand washing device could be customized to suit your peculiar need. This customization could include increase in the number of users, height of device and dimensions of respective parts etc.

Brand and market – special package:

With this package, that costs no extra fee for 10 or more hand washing devices purchased, you can have your company’s information/ advertisements displayed on the devices which serving as a marketing channel to reach your target market. For instance, if you are a kids’ food producer, you can purchase our hand washing devices to donate to schools. You will then have your advertisements of choice, displayed on the devices. So while you undertake your cooperate social responsibilities, you market your products/services to your target group for as long as they use the device. The same goes for tertiary schools who want to advertise to secondary schools students.

Hand washing made fun!


Sani-wise Innovations produces quality and neat gas popcorn machines for sale. Our machines are highly effective and make popcorn business more attractive and profitable. The machines have been sold to customers in almost all the regions in Ghana. All our machines are gas powered and self-igniting, which means that you do not need to use matches to set the fire. You can make both salt and sugar flavors with our machines. Since we are conscious with the health implications of using poor quality materials, we stick to using rust-free metals to make the various essential parts. Our machines can easily be cleaned to promote hygiene and good health of consumers.
We have the following types;


The toilet facility that makes good sanitation sense. The Biofil Digester is a simple compact on-site organic waste treatment system that uniquely combines the benefits of the flush toilet system and those of the composting toilets and eliminates the disadvantages and drawbacks of both systems.

Sani-wise Innovations constructs quality and neat bio digesters that is essentially a biological filter consisting of a medium of soil and pervious concrete. Bacteria, other organisms degrade solid fecal matter.

All liquids are organically filtered out of the bottom of the digester and drained into the soil where further and final decomposition occurs. Other solids (toilet paper & all degradable anal cleaning material) are decomposed and converted into rich & safe soil. When the Biofil Digester is used in the flush toilet situation, high nutrient biologically treated water is made available for effective landscaping and beautification of the environment.