Wash your hands with your foot at School.

In the past, the performance of your students in final year exams were the number one consideration for parents to chose your school. But COVID-19 has added another necessity- safety.

foot-operated hand washing station
foot-operated hand washing station

Parents are now concerned whether or not their kids are safe in your hands.

That is why we have come up with the number one solution to keep your students and staff safe and protected from the deadly virus.

We help you to wash your hands in an effective manner by using your foot instead of your hands.

Research has shown that using your hand to open and close the tap before and after washing your hands can still be a source of infection of many diseases including the novel corona virus.

That is the reason why it should be in your best interest to use an alternative means – your foot. Just think of having just one of your students infested with COVID-19; the impact and stigma that would be attached to your name.

We are the answer to that question. Get in touch with use now.

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